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James A. Foley is an American journalist turned copywriter and creative services professional. Trained in newspaper reporting at the University of Kansas, he first wrote for a daily newspaper called The Examiner in suburban Kansas City, Mo. When the opportunity to move to Japan to teach English came along, he hung up his press pass and moved across the world,  but he never stopped writing.

Three years in Iwaki City, Fukushima, made an avid traveler out of James. He has wandered across more than 30 countries, most of which were journeyed through with his wife, a fellow nomad whom he met while living as an expat in Japan.

Along the way, he has freelanced as a food and travel writer for outlets like CNN, The Village Voice, Monterey County Weekly and Metropolis Magazine in Tokyo. After relocating back in the U.S. he took an assignment running an NYC start-up news website covering the natural sciences.

A transition into agency life as a full-time copywriter for Square 2 Marketing happened next, followed by a move to The American College of Financial Services, where he works as the senior copywriter and editorial director.

For an example of Foley’s travel writing, please see this piece for CNN. For more clips, please visit the “words” section of this website.

Reference LinkedIn for more.


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